About The Clinic

The House of Veterinary Doctors was established back in 1990 in order to become a pioneer in the veterinary arena. Today, we offer you hcomprehensive solutions provided by our team of professionals.

The House of Veterinary Doctors was designed to meet the 21th's century standards with the most advanced facilities, equipments, innovations and cutting edge technology.

We offer you our guidance, consultation, treatments, emergency aid, preventive treatments and regular check-ups here at the clinic. You can also purchase pet's medicine, food, care products and accessories.

Whether your pet needs mandatory vaccinations, annual examination, dental treatment, or a rare invasive surgery, we have the facilities, the professional knowhow and the commitment to assist you 24/7.

The House of Veterinary Doctors also functions as:
  • Cat boarding facility
  • Cat-salon
  • Shelter for abandoned pets
  • Social volunteer center for children and youth

The House of Veterinary Doctors was established by Dr. Eytan Kreiner, honorable graduate of the University of Glasgow. Committed to saving animals and improving their quality of life, Dr. Kreiner dedicated his life to treating animals and voicing their rights at a local and global level.

Dr. Kreiner is a respectable keynote speaker at veterinarian related conferences and seminars around the globe and he is a proud member of several veterinarian organizations thriving to make this world a better place for animals.

The House of Veterinary Doctors is open to the public
08:00-11:00 from sunday to thursday at 08:00-18:00 and on Fridays
Rananim Center, Maccabim
1800-20-1616 // 050-5307208